LV Busducts

    • Air insulated, Non-segregated type 
    • Busduct ratings of upto 4000A 
    • Short Circuit rating of 50KA for 1 sec RMS 
    • Also non-magnetic aluminium enclosures 
    • Flexible Terminations 
    • Flexible In-line Connections
Rising Mains
    • Air insulated, Non-segregated type Rising Mains
    • Indoor Vertical Erection type
    • Rising Main ratings of upto 1250A
    • Short Circuit rating of 50KA for 1 sec RMS
    • Fixed type Tap off Boxes
    • Flexible In-line Connections
    • Fire Barriers
    • Wall supports

We have type tested our Busduct / Raising mains for Short circuit withstand capacity of 50kA rms for 1 second at Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore, India. 

Technical Specifications
Rated Service Voltage  415 V 
Rated Frequency : 50hz 
Busbar System :  Three Phase and Neutral  
Rated Insulation Voltage : 660 V  
Max.Rating Of Busbars : 4000 A  and higher
Fault Level Withstand : 50 kA rms for 1 second



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